What They Are Saying About 'Maude'

Maude Hill, Vice President of Community and Government Relations, is celebrating 25 years with Homeport. On Oct. 15 she will be recognized in the first-ever “Voice & Vision” fund-raising program meant to highlight the accomplishments and goals of Homeport.

“This Voice & Vision is a celebration of Maude, it is a celebration of us and a celebration of all we do,” said Homeport Chief Financial Officer Valorie Schwarzmann.

“Maude Hill cares about lifting people up to succeed,” said Peter Tripp, Director of Donor/Investor Relations for Homeport. "In accepting this honor, she told me, 'Let’s give all our friends in Central Ohio an opportunity to be a part of our vision to ensure everyone has a safe and affordable place to call home.'”  

In the lead-up to the special program at Walter Commons inside St. Charles Preparatory School, acquaintances, community leaders and activists have been praising Maude. Their comments have been highlighted in print and Social Media. Many will be there for the program that is being promoted on several fronts including digital billboard donations from Lamar Advertising (see photo above) featuring Maude.

We hope you can attend if you have not already signed up. Register now.

Kevin Boyce

Kevin Boyce

In the meantime, here are what people are saying about our special honoree:

Kevin Boyce, state representative and former Columbus City Council member:  “When I was on City Council and very young at the time . . . we drove around to different sites and visited people. And it was such a learning experience. I can’t think of many other examples in the world as an office holder when someone came in and their idea was to educate you first, as opposed to just asking for something or wanting to push you in a certain direction.”

Charleta B. Tavares, state senator: “Maude has the ability to make difficult challenges easy in her mind because she knows how to connect with people. . . For those of us who have worked on challenging housing issues she’s the one that you call.”

Mark Ebner

Mark Ebner

Mark Ebner, commercial real estate developer and property manager: “One time when we were going into this meeting to solve this pretty tense type of a situation . . . Maude walked in all happy. And we were all like, ‘Maude do you know the answer, how we should resolve this?’ And she said, ‘No, I have no idea. I just know we will solve it!’ . . . And it did get solved.”

Dorothy Cage Evans, co-founder of The Greater Columbus Community Helping Hands: “She’s energetic. Negativity stays outside the door with Maude. She believes not only in you or your project or program but all those involved. She’s a very special dear friend of mine and I wouldn’t trade her.”

Rollin Seward, assistant director, Economic Development and Planning Department, Franklin County: “She’s always been a great mentor for me . . . She taught me how to do a successful bus tour.  And so I’m known throughout Ohio now for doing successful bus tours. . . I’m known as a national conference planner. It’s all because of Maude.”

Kathy Espy, director of Diversity and Community Initiatives. Mount Carmel College of Nursing: “One of the most significant aspects of Maude’s personality is that she wants. . .  the same exact thing (for Homeport residents) as she wants for herself and her family. And I think that is so important and that motivates her.”

Shannon Hardin

Shannon Hardin

Don Wick, President of Rockford Homes: “I have known her since the beginning of Columbus Housing Partnership (predecessor name of Homeport) and have worked with her every year since. She’s just a wonderful person whether she’s hitting me up for money or I’m hitting her up for money. It’s one of the two.”

Shannon Hardin, Columbus City Council member: “I’ve known Miss Maude first as a family friend. She went to school with my father and aunt. Close family friend. It wasn’t until I came back to Columbus to start my professional career at the Mayor’s Office that I got to interact with her and really learn that other huge aspect of really what she has done and means to this city and to all of us.”