Homeport Employee Profile: Layden Hale

Layden Hale

Layden Hale

Title: Senior Counseling Advisor

Responsibilities: As a Senior Counseling Advisor I assist Homeport clients with foreclosure prevention, credit and budget matters, reverse mortgage counseling and overall financial coaching.

What do I like most about the organization?

At Homeport, we are about helping people, and I am happy to say that I am able to do this every day. In particular, having an opportunity to keep people in their homes can be extremely rewarding. This past August, I met a client who was way behind in mortgage payments. Her home was scheduled for sale by the sheriff in November. I was able to help her apply for a Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) refinance that, short term, reduced her mortgage from over $1,000 per month down to $611.96, beginning in December. The special program also included a principal loan reduction of almost $20,000, and a drop in her interest rate from 9.3 percent to 2 percent for the next 5 years. Consequently, if she makes her mortgage payments on time each year, her principal balance will go down $1,000 per year for a total of $5,000 reduction. 

While this is not an everyday case, it is gratifying to help someone who might otherwise not be familiar with the programs and tools designed to help them.

What have I done in my career that I am most proud of or that people might not be aware of?

My 39 year career has consisted mainly of managing people and working in the financial services arena. If you had told me that I would have chosen this path when I graduated from college, I never would have believed it.  I know that I am blessed, because I have been able to leverage all of my experiences and knowledge into the best job which I could have dreamed of.  Additionally, I work with a great group of professional and caring individuals, who are concerned with the communities we serve.

One thing that people might not be aware of is that I have a son and daughter who went into the “family business” of banking after graduating from college.

Favorite things I do outside of work?

I like spending time with my family. I have three adult children -- Layden III and Amber are twins, and Joshua is my "baby" boy. I have four lovely grandchildren, Amyaih, Layden IV, Christianna and Zoe. 

I used to run 5k races, but now I just walk them. I like traveling, too. Places to see on my "bucket list" are Rio de Janeiro Brazil and Havana Cuba.