Homeport Board Of Directors Spotlight: Mark Pringle

Mark Pringle photo.jpeg

A long time Human Resources leadership professional, Mark in 2015 joined Central Ohio-based Sequent, a cutting-edge HR outsourcing and management company serving small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. A Bachelor of Communications graduate of Ohio University, Mark has volunteered on many Boards and committees including the March of Dimes in Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Area Boy Scouts and Capital University. On Jan. 1, Mark became Vice-Chair for the Board at Homeport. 

Why are you passionate about the Homeport mission?

Homeport is not just about helping families surround themselves with four walls. We provide a home, a lifestyle for children to thrive academically and socially and – if need be – gain access to meals and after school programs.  Adult residents get the support they need to not only have a home, whether it is an apartment or a house, but to properly maintain and pay for it. At Homeport, it’s all about a commitment to helping others succeed. That is why I am passionate about the Homeport mission.

What would you tell a friend who was considering getting involved with Homeport as a donor or volunteer?

Don’t hesitate.  Homeport greatly appreciates every single donor and volunteer, no matter what level of contribution.  By becoming a donor, or volunteer, a person is helping enrich families in ways many of us take for granted.  What we do helps the community prosper, which benefits everyone in the Columbus area.  The more vibrant our community becomes, the more attractive we become as a destination area.  By volunteering, we are exposed to the impact of Homeport. Take the opportunity today to take a tour of our communities and see the result of great work being done.   There is so much more to do.

What do you feel is the most critical aspect of affordable housing in Columbus and Central Ohio?

To me it is the awareness that there is an issue.   We hear so much about how great our city is, and it is a wonderful community, but we have opportunities for development.   It is so important to be able to be in an environment where your mind is not constantly occupied with worries and negative thoughts.  By creating positive environments, through affordable housing, we give children an added opportunity for success.  If someone is worried about going home, or doesn’t want to, the chance of reaching a goal is greatly reduced.  We need to make sure that our whole community knows that there is an issue and that everyone has the chance to help impact this great cause.