Homeport Employee Profile: Beth Ware

Title:  Chief Administrative Officer  

Responsibilities: My scope of responsibility encompasses Human Resources, IT and Facilities.

What do you like most about the organization? 

Beth Ware

Beth Ware

This is not an easy question to answer because there are so many facets to this organization that I enjoy.  This may sound like a real “HR” response, but it is the group of people that we have at Homeport that motivates me each day.  We have a diverse and talented group of employees delivering on our mission.  Their authenticity shows through as we tackle our work.

Over the past couple of years, I have had the occasion to work with the Board of Directors and this has been great.  The dedication and support of the Board has made a significant difference in my work and I can see the impact in other areas of Homeport, as well.  I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with thought leaders and with passionate Board members.

What have you done in your career that you are most proud of, or that people may not be aware of? 

I grew up in Lakewood, OH, graduated from Otterbein College (now University) and vowed I would never return to the Columbus area because it was so “boring.” Well, never say “never.” I attended Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and practiced law for a few years in the Cleveland area.  I didn’t care for the attorney role and started working for an insurance company in Claims.  I relocated to Cincinnati with this company and lived there for six years, eventually moving into an HR Manager role. My husband Bryan and I loved Cincinnati and that is where our two sons were born.  We then relocated to Des Moines, IA with Nationwide Insurance. We spent a year in Iowa before transferring to Columbus.  Columbus it turns out is wonderful and not boring.

I was part of the Nationwide HR team for nine years, but at a certain point I felt something was missing. I turned to a career coach who helped me explore how my values and faith fit into my work life.  In the past, I had always considered work separate from my faith.  The discussion led me to explore opportunities with non-profits, which brought forth the opportunity to work with Homeport.  This may sound simple and easy but it took time to discover that the missing piece of my career puzzle was linking my faith to my work and that working with a mission driven organization filled the gap.  It took some time to land a position with a non-profit that was a mutual fit.  The wait was well worth it because I love serving at Homeport!

Favorite things I do outside of work?

I have lots of favorite things and at the top of my list is my family. Bryan and I have two sons, Nathan and Andrew.  Nathan is in 11th grade and Andrew is in 8th grade.  I grew up in a family of seven so I thrive in a home environment that is buzzing with energy and activity.  Growing up with all my siblings made me learn how to work hard because there weren’t a lot of “extra’s.”  If we wanted a brand new pair of pants instead of hand-me-downs, we delivered newspapers, taught swimming lessons … to save for the pants.  My parents gave me such a great foundation and love of family.  There wasn’t a person my parents would turn away.  They practiced their faith by extending a hand to whoever needed help.  They taught me life lessons: work hard; be humble; make resources stretch; be gracious to all.  Those aren’t easy lessons to live out each day but those are my aspirational goals.

Love of family being my favorite thing I thought I’d share some things I enjoy with my immediate family.  Nathan and I attend morning mass together.  This time at church puts the day in perspective and makes me pause from the hectic schedule to give thanks to God.  Sharing this with my son is an awesome gift. I’m just grateful to God for the opportunity to have my family.   

So, the best combination of favorite things is being outside with my family.  I just love being outside.  I will do yardwork all day just to be outside.  Crazy, I know.  My kids don’t love yard work or gardening, (no surprise) so we spend time outside biking, swimming and camping.  We have enjoyed the beaches in Naples, biking through the Everglades, kayaking in Acadia National Park, whale watching, watching a Yankees and Red Sox game until 1:00 a.m., walking down the Luge shoot in Lake Placid and skiing. It’s all awesome because we are together and not inside!