A Sign Of Things To Come

New entryway at Woodford Avenue off Joyce Avenue

Looking to enhance a sense of community, Homeport has added a monument sign to the south entrance of the historic American Addition neighborhood.

Becky Neubauer

Becky Neubauer

The three-foot by six-foot oval shaped green sign identifies American Addition by name and the year it was platted (1898).

But Homeport Project Manager Becky Neubauer said the sign sends a message as well.

“The sign reflects the neighborhood coming together as a whole, which is bigger than new development on its own," Neubauer said.

The aluminum sign, anchored in a four-foot by nine-foot rock base, was constructed following a community charrette where residents of American Addition provided their input on sign types and designs. 

“They voted on their favorites and then aspects of those signs were incorporated into the monument sign that now stands at the entryway to the neighborhood,” said Neubauer, who is responsible for oversight of Homeport construction in American Addition.

Homeport has built 12 homes in American Addition and is currently building 8 others. It plans to build an additional 9 homes in 2017.