Homeport Employee Profile: Becky Neubauer

Title: Development Coordinator

  Becky Neubauer

Becky Neubauer

Responsibilities: I am part of Homeport’s Home Ownership team.  We develop for sale homes throughout central Ohio through new construction and rehabilitation.  Since 2004 we have assisted over 200 families in finding new homes including 68 families in North of Broad on Columbus’ Near East Side.  My role in the department is to plan and prepare development applications for zoning, construction, funding, maintenance, etc.  I also manage outside vendors including construction, service, and property maintenance contractors.   I am responsible for the department’s reporting and compliance for funders and partners and I manage Home Ownership interns, volunteers, and AmeriCorps VISTAs. 

What do you like most about the organization?

Homeport gives me a concrete way to pursue my passions in community development, equity, and inclusion. I see that what I do makes a difference as our work has impact in the revitalization and stabilization of Columbus neighborhoods. For instance, many of our projects consist of identifying the one or two houses on a street that are “problem properties” and addressing the issue directly. When you rehab a home and see a homebuyer move into a formerly vacant and downtrodden property, the streetscape changes. It helps create pride in a neighborhood, prevents future issues, stabilizes property values, and provides a safe, affordable home to a family.  

What have you done in your career that you are most proud of, or that people may not be aware of?

I served two years as an AmeriCorps VISTA. During my first year I was stationed in Montana and established a non-profit, statewide community land trust that now serves to preserve land in perpetuity for historical, agricultural, conservation, and affordable housing purposes. Knowing that something I helped create and direct will last beyond my life time and will affect the lives of Montanans for years to come is a truly gratifying feeling.

During my second year of service, which was here at Homeport, I created, coordinated and executed a Community Impact Measurement survey of the Near East Side in 2013.  Over 800 households  were contacted through door-to-door surveys to determine the overall quality of the neighborhood, the impact of community investments and the outlook of the neighborhood’s future.   It was such a rewarding experience to meet such a wide variety of people and successfully create a report and present findings that are directing our work today.

Favorite things I do outside of work? 

I am an outdoor person.  I enjoy biking, hiking, camping, kayaking, snowboarding, basically anything outdoors.  I am a big DIY’er and love planning and completing home improvement projects. We tore down a ceiling because I’m too tall and had to duck and I painted my front door purple. My next project is removing the paint from the original wood work in my 1901 built house, restoring it to its historic state.