Homeport Happenings: March Edition

Craig Murphy

Craig Murphy

Two Promoted In Initiative To Meet 'Top 5' Homeport Goals

To help meet the organization’s Top 5 priorities for 2017, Homeport President & CEO Bruce Luecke has promoted and added additional duties to two members of the organization’s senior staff.

Craig Murphy, formerly Senior Vice President of Operations and Programs, is now Homeport’s Chief Strategy Officer. Murphy’s duties include:

  • Oversight of service programs;
  • Directing and supervising strategic goal planning and implementation;
  • Developing strategic partnerships;
  • Directing business plan development;
  • Assessing fee generating opportunities;
  • Making sure projects and products are in line with Homeport’s strategic plans.
Leah Evans

Leah Evans

Also promoted was Leah Evans, to Vice President of Neighborhood Strategies.  Evans joined Homeport in September of 2013 as the Director of Home Ownership.

With her new title, Evans is:

  • Responsible for business development for real estate projects;
  • Leading planning and execution of high-level strategies to increase investment impact in neighborhoods;
  • Enhancing relationships with Community Development Corporations and community organizations;
  • Overseeing housing sales;
  • Maintaining industry contacts and best practices.

“The two promotions, effective Feb. 1, will enable Homeport to meet its priorities in 2017, to close the gap on affordable homes needed, create a laser focus on our clients, be a high performing organization, be partnership focused and align our brand with our objectives,” Luecke said.

'Propelling' Community Activism

Bruce Luecke, right, at Columbus State Community College

Bruce Luecke, right, at Columbus State Community College

Homeport President & CEO Bruce Luecke, right, was a panelist in a special Propel Ohio Regional Gathering Feb. 10 on the campus of Columbus State Community College. Luecke addressed the CSCC students on the topic of “housing security” and defined the meaning of “affordable housing.”

He was joined by Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Zmuda, center, pediatric physician of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, who spoke on “health and hunger,” and Rebecca Asmo, CEO, Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus, left, whose topic was “education." A second panel consisting of CSCC faculty addressed the same subjects.

The students who listened and asked questions are seeking undergraduate degrees in Social and Human Services, Nursing, Associate of Arts/Science, Sport and Exercise Science, Early Childhood Development and Real Estate.

Homeport Advancing 'Celebrate One' Initiative

Homeport Resident Services Coordinator Jill Guinan

Homeport Resident Services Coordinator Jill Guinan

One baby dies every other week in Franklin County (Central Ohio) due to unsafe sleep practices. But Homeport is helping to make a dent in infant mortality rates. Since November, the organization has delivered nine portable cribs and safe sleep survival kits to residents in its rental apartment communities -- and is projecting up to 30 will be delivered in 2017.

The cribs and kits are from Columbus Public Health and stem from the City of Columbus and its “Celebrate One” initiative.

Homeport staff members visit resident families, demonstrate how to safely use the portable crib, and assess any other household safety concerns, said Jill Guinan, a Homeport Resident Services coordinator.

Homeport residents interested in enrolling in Homeport’s Cribs for Kids program can do so by calling 614 545-4844. The general public is encouraged to learn more about infant mortality and how to prevent it by clicking here.

Homeport Young Professionals On A Roll

Organizers of the Homeport Young Professional bowling fund-raiser gather with Homeport resident children. The kids were chaperoned by   Homeport Program Specialist Mark Childs, second from left, top.

Organizers of the Homeport Young Professional bowling fund-raiser gather with Homeport resident children. The kids were chaperoned by Homeport Program Specialist Mark Childs, second from left, top.

More than 120 individuals participated in the Homeport Young Professional | All Ages Bowling Challenge on Feb. 19 at Columbus Square Bowling Palace.

Special thanks are in order for the fund-raising event sponsors and participants Kegler Brown Hill + RitterDonald W Kelley & Assoc and Shremshock: Architects & Engineers. Shremshock had the winning team.

Among the bowling participants were children from Homeport's Marsh Run and Georges Creek apartment communities. Joining the YPs, and their friends and companies, were Homeport staff and Board members.