Homeport Employee Profile: Kerrick Jackson

K errick Jackson, Homeport Housing Counselor, with instructional book used in classes.

Kerrick Jackson, Homeport Housing Counselor, with instructional book used in classes.

Title: Housing Counselor Advisor

Helping a client of Homeport.

Helping a client of Homeport.

Responsibilities: I wear many different hats here at Homeport. I would say my main responsibility would be facilitating the First-time Homebuyer Class. I am also a Credit/Budget counselor and Default counselor (saving clients homes from foreclosure). I also contact Ohio Housing Finance Agency clients and assist them over the phone. I like to say the enjoyment I get is overwhelming and challenging daily.

What do I like most about the organization?

I like that Homeport is a non-profit organization helping the Central Ohio community in many ways. I love my coworkers, their passion and perseverance for our clients. I enjoy the many different classes and seminars we offer. I like that we are in the forefront of the affordable housing challenge affecting our region. I enjoy the relaxed environment at work and our freedom to speak on just about everything that comes up here.

What have you done in your career you are most proud of, or that people may not be aware of?

Wow, this is a great question to ask me. I am so proud of being a soldier who has served over nine years in the United States Army. I started out in Fort Sill (Oklahoma), completing my basic training and military schooling, which took over eight months. I was stationed at Fort Sill for a few years before being sent to Korea for a one year assignment. Loved it and signed up for four more years of active service there. Once I completed that duty station, I was sent to Fort Stewart (Georgia). I really did enjoy being there because it was only two and half hours from my home town of Jacksonville, FL. I stayed in Georgia for a few years and was reassigned to Baulmholder, Germany. The couple of years that I was in Germany was eye opening for me. The culture and the people were amazing. I love to travel and it seemed that everything was so close to my duty location. I had opportunities to visit Spain, Holland, England, Amsterdam and many different cities like Munich, Frankfurt and Mannheim in Germany. The Persian Gulf War started in 1990 and I served in a support role for many different units in combat. I left the military in 1992 after serving over nine years.

Favorite things I do outside of work?

My activities outside of work consist of spending time with my two beautiful daughters Asiana, 18, and Kerris, 5. I never would have thought they would be so different. Asiana is quiet, while Kerris is a ball of fire from when she wakes up until she falls asleep. I also like attending sporting events. It does not matter if it is football, basketball, tennis, baseball or golf. I just enjoy the atmosphere and competition.

Personal Heroes?

My personal heroes are my parents, Jesse N. Jackson and Catherine Jackson in Jacksonville. They both are my Rock and I know I can depend on either one. I’m so thankful for the many sacrifices they went through for our family and others throughout the years. I love them unconditionally.

What do I like about Central Ohio?

I have been in Columbus for over 20 years now. I like that Columbus is a family oriented city with a lot of activities for families. I like the gallery hops that go on through the summer months. I like the parks and the open trails they offer. I enjoy the sporting events that are here, The Ohio State Buckeyes, Blue Jackets and Clippers. I enjoy watching the Ohio NFL and NBA (Cavs) teams also during the season. I am a not a OSU hater, but I love Florida State football. Go Seminoles!