Homeport Employee Profile: Ruth Sternberg

Ruth Sternberg

Ruth Sternberg

Title: Grant Writer

Responsibilities: I am responsible for researching, coordinating, and submitting proposals to fund our programs. It is my job to work with our Resource Development division and our CEO to vet possible funding opportunities and ensure that everyone who administers the money understands what we are requesting, and what is expected of us if we receive the funding.

What do I like most about the organization?

I like Homeport’s holistic approach to supporting its clients. We literally help people build foundations for their lives. Everyone I’ve met here so far is committed to this mission, and it’s a beautiful thing to see their diverse expertise blend into an effective model.

What have you done in your career you are most proud of, or that people may not be aware of?

A decade ago, a friend and I established and ran a community newspaper that covered our Jewish community in central Ohio. He was the publisher, and I was the editor. The New Standard’s first issue was crafted in a spare bedroom in his townhouse—by just us and a computer loaded with InDesign. With the help of an ad sales director working on commission and eventually, a local investor, we grew it to a nearly 60-page publication. Within a few years, we had moved into an office on Alum Creek Drive.

We covered news stories on a wide range of topics. We featured several regular local columnists on political and religious topics, and subscribed to a national wire service. We won several awards.

It was a wild ride, especially moving from a lengthy career in mainstream daily print journalism (most recently at The Columbus Dispatch) to covering what amounted to my own family!  But boy, did I learn a lot! Most of all, I learned that I can transform a vision into something tangible.

Favorite things I do outside of work?

·       I have been appearing in local theater productions on and off since 2009, the last one two years ago, with Evolution Theatre Co.

Ruth, left, as "Dr. Eve" in Evolution Theatre's “Sordid Lives.”

Ruth, left, as "Dr. Eve" in Evolution Theatre's “Sordid Lives.”

·       I take classes at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center, where I learned to make handmade books. I now work on them at home, frequently in the evenings to unwind. I enjoy using recycled materials. I also now sit on the board of the Friends of the Cultural Arts Center.

·       I love to tell stories – true ones, live, with no script. I was part of a regular event that does this monthly at a space called Wild Goose Creative. It’s a blast!

·       My husband and I love to travel. We went to Okinawa two years ago, the Japan mainland in May, and we hope to visit New Zealand next. I’ve been to Italy, to Paris and London, and to Israel twice. There’s nothing like stepping into the stream of another culture! (I do love my own country best, though.)

·       I am a ceremonial celebrant specializing mostly in weddings.

Personal Heroes?

I can’t say I have “heroes” per se, but I do admire people who are able to tap their creativity and their courage to create something. I also admire people who engage in quiet acts of philanthropy – sharing what they have without fanfare, even though they don’t have to, and even though they could easily garner the publicity.

What do I like about Central Ohio?

I moved from Canton to Columbus 22 years ago to take a writing job at the Dispatch. I honestly didn’t think I’d stay here longer than five, but Columbus is a very easy place to live, make friends and get involved in causes. You don’t need a “pedigree” to make change or give life to an idea; you just need some friends and a place to make it happen.