Mammogram Truck Visiting Younger Population

OhioHealth mammography truck visited Eastway Village in 2017.

OhioHealth mammography truck visited Eastway Village in 2017.

Marsh Run, Kimberly Meadows and Raspberry Glen To Benefit

Homeport’s commitment to improve the lives of working and younger women living in its communities will get a boost in early February when OhioHealth's mobile mammogram truck visits Marsh Run.

The truck was sent to Homeport’s Eastway Village senior community in August, but will now serve younger residents in Marsh Run and neighboring apartment communities Kimberly Meadows and Raspberry Glen on Saturday Feb. 10 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Maggie Wilson

Maggie Wilson

“Mammograms are recommended for women starting at age 40 and we decided to do it on a Saturday so working residents could make it,” said Homeport Service Coordinator Maggie Wilson.

“Breast cancer tends to be more aggressive with people who are diagnosed at a younger age,” said Allison Payten, Program Manager of the Office of Health Equity in the OhioHealth Research & Innovation Institute.

The mammogram truck conveniently offers state of the art technology with safety, privacy and accuracy associated with screening at traditional testing locations.

It is part of OhioHealth's initiative to bring health services to communities traditionally underserved. African- American women in Central Ohio are dying from breast cancer at a 33 percent higher rate than their white counterparts.  

“Nearly half of all breast cancer deaths in Franklin County among African-American women come from five Columbus ZIP codes. 43232, where we are having the (Marsh Run) event, is one of them,” Payten said.

The mammogram service for residents extends from Homeport’s strategic commitment to be laser focused on its residents through quality affordable housing and supporting health and financial education services.

(Women 40 and over in Marsh Run, Kimberly Meadows and Raspberry Glen can call 614 566-5436 for an appointment for a free breast cancer screening when the OhioHealth truck parks outside the Marsh Run community center on Feb. 10.)