Keeping Faith Through The Holidays And Life's Pains

Homeport Senior Vice President Maude Hill.

Homeport Senior Vice President Maude Hill.

(Editor’s Note: As part of Homeport’s commitment to a high-performance culture, we asked our honored Senior VP Maude Hill to share her thoughts on how she bridges the emotional challenges brought by holidays.)

By Maude Hill

As many of you know, I recently lost my daughter Kimberly at an early age from a heart-attack. I have another daughter who suffers extreme pain with Stage 4 cancer.

One could wonder, “How do I go forward, to continue with the daily activities as well as keep a smile on my face?” The answer is, “Faith in God.” It carries me each day through the heartaches and pains. I pray every day that God will give me strength to understand things I don’t understand, such as my husband Baxter’s passing, in 2004, and Kimberly’s this past summer.

The Holiday Season is a period when many may be feeling blue, especially if reliving the loss of a close loved one or feeling the pain of being alone. It is why I want to help others by sharing my thoughts.

I accepted faith growing up in rural Alabama and then again in Cleveland. I just didn’t know the depth of it until I encountered continuing challenges as a black woman, daughter, single parent, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Wife, Widow – all while working in Corporate America.

My strength comes knowing I have purpose, helping those who are less fortunate. For 30 years at Homeport I have helped others gain stability through affordable housing. I also feel nourished by volunteering at my church and teaching my children and grandchildren right from wrong.

But most of all I gain strength through study and devotion. It is where I consider the pain others have suffered and ask, “How different am I?”

It is so easy to lose faith, to question God’s existence. The holidays were always the best time of the year in my family’s life. On the other hand, it is so hard to go through them without those whom you love but are no longer with us.

I consider the prophet Job, who had so many encounters of destruction and heartache.

I look to God for help to grow through my experiences.

And I consider Jesus said that with faith the size of a mustard seed, mountains can be moved and that “nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

As the holidays approach I draw much from the Bible. It gives me consolation and strength to believe, to seek wisdom, to share God’s words, his works and the miraculous things he does in our lives. And I say, God is so wonderful.

Finally, I say Amazing Grace, “I once was lost but now am found. T’was blind, but now I see.”

That is faith to me.

Maude Hill is Homeport Senior Vice President, Community & Government Relations, and a member of the Baptist Ministers’ Wives & Ministers Widows Alliance of Columbus and Vicinity. Her late husband Baxter Hill was a Minister of the Second Tabernacle Baptist Church of Cleveland.