Murphy's Farewell

Long-time Homeport Executive Leaves For Job With City

After 14 years at Homeport, in a variety of leadership positions, Chief Strategy Officer Craig Murphy has resigned to become Strategy Manager for the city of Columbus and its Recreation and Parks Department. We wish him well -- and asked him to respond to a few questions about his time at Homeport as he begins a new career opportunity.

Craig Murphy

Craig Murphy

Homeport: In your earliest years at Homeport, the organization was known as Columbus Housing Partnership (CHP). Where were you at the time you first learned of Homeport (CHP) and what made the job attractive?

CM:  First, thank you for asking me to offer my parting thoughts on my experience at Homeport.  It’s an organization that helps thousands of people and I was so very fortunate for having been an integral part of it for all these years. 

I first learned of the organization in 2003 when I was living in Charlotte, NC and working for Enterprise Foundation (now Enterprise Community Partners).  Columbus Housing Partnership (Homeport) enjoyed a great reputation for being a smart, and well-run and driven organization.  I wanted to be a part of that kind of energy.

Homeport: What were the titles you held at Homeport during your 14 years, and what would you say were your three top accomplishments?

CM: Homeownership Developer, Homeownership Coordinator, Director of Homeownership, Vice President, Senior Vice President of Program Services and Operations, and Chief Strategy Officer.  That’s an average 2.5 years per title.  I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but I think it says that I was afforded an opportunity to grow and experiment with my career, so long as I was able to add value. 

Top accomplishments were all team-efforts and they include: 1. Initiating and sustaining the revitalization initiatives at North of Broad and American Addition, 2. helping facilitate the most recent strategic plan because I saw the power in the process and the impact in its execution, and 3. starting a family with my wife and raising our children (talk about a team effort!)

Homeport CFO Valorie Schwarzmann, upper right, was among those serenading Craig Murphy, left, at farewell event at Homeport.

Homeport CFO Valorie Schwarzmann, upper right, was among those serenading Craig Murphy, left, at farewell event at Homeport.

Homeport: What will you miss most about working for Homeport?

CM:  People I’ve known who left Homeport would always tell me that they miss the people and I would agree.  There’s also a spirit at Homeport that supports innovation.  If one can imagine a new way and leverage the resources, and if the concept aligns with the organization’s strategic direction, then support and additional resources will follow. Homeport is special in that way.

Homeport: Your new job calls for park, trails and facility planning, land acquisition and property management in addition to accreditation, sustainability planning and performance management. It sounds great! What would you like to see happen for Homeport and its future?

CM:  I would like to see Homeport double its production of affordable housing and put a larger dent in the current gap of affordable housing in this community.  Equally important is the investment in the supports that help people living in Homeport’s homes.  I believe that people, regardless where they live, want to and can be successful.

Homeport: Any closing remarks?

CM:  Thank you!  I can only hope that I’ve given-back as much or more than what I received from the organization, partners, and community.  I was incredibly fortunate and I have to thank the past and present organizational leadership for investing in me. Above all, I was truly blessed to have led teams of people who are smart, caring, and hard working.  I also feel incredibly fortunate to have a spouse who believes in me.  Honestly, what more could have I asked for from this experience?