IGS Energy Expanding At Homeport Building

Homeport headquarters

Homeport headquarters

More Room Needed For Customer Reps, Energy Consultants


IGS Energy (www.igsenergy.com), an independent retailer of natural gas and electricity, has agreed to almost double its space inside Homeport’s headquarters building, solidifying its position as the largest tenant at 3443 Agler Road in Columbus.

The expansion, effective June 1, will increase IGS’s first floor operations to approximately 12,000 square feet, up from the 6,400 square feet it has used since August 2016 for both outbound and inbound call center services.

“We are excited about adding additional space at our Agler location to accommodate for our projected growth,” stated Jenni Kovach, IGS Chief People Officer. “The office space is great, and the location continues to suit our market base and our employees that live near the area.”

Homeport’s administrative, accounting, real estate, resident services, resource development and housing advisory departments are on the second floor of the 42,000 square foot building it purchased in 2014 in CityGate Business Park.


Roughly 4,400 square feet remains opens for leasing on the second floor, according to Homeport Project Manager Justin Metzler. Robert Weiler Company Senior Vice President Todd Schiff is Homeport’s leasing agent.

The expansion by IGS closes out leasing space available on the first floor of the building. Currently, 45 IGS customer service representatives work in the office. IGS plans to expand the team to 20-30 more employees.

The company’s Home Energy Consultants team, its field sales team, will bring an additional 24 employees with plans to expand in the near future. IGS Energy has 400-plus employees that work in its corporate headquarters located on Emerald Parkway in Dublin.