Affordable Housing: Moving Our Community Forward -- Together

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By Leah Evans

Job growth, economic vibrancy and technological improvements have the potential of benefiting all residents within a community. But would you be surprised to know that affordable homes can be a part of the equation in creating an inclusive, accessible city that moves everyone forward?

I recently had the honor of representing Homeport in a panel discussion on “Shared Prosperity” as part of one of Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther’s “Neighborhood Conversations.”  Our panel included great people doing impactful work in entrepreneurship, financial services, transportation, workforce development and housing.

My message to the panel and those in the audience?

Homeport is working to elevate the lives of the community through affordable housing, and that the meeting location that night, the Milo-Grogan Community Center, is part of a neighborhood where it is happening.

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I went on to explain:

·       Our investments in Milo-Grogan include new rental home construction, existing home repairs, and commercial improvements. 

·       Through Homeport’s Lease-Option Program, we have had existing long-term residents in the neighborhood transition from renters to homeowners.

·       New residents are moving into stable, affordable rental homes and will have the opportunity to be homeowners in the future. 

·       Homeowners are accessing home improvement grants to stabilize and improve their homes, preserving their investments, keeping them in place and increasing area property values.

Homeport’s efforts are supported by partners in finance, government and philanthropy who provide training and job opportunities, transportation and health services. As our community grows and innovates, Homeport is committed to individuals and families looking to improve their financial position through affordable rental homes and access to homeownership.  All of us deserve an opportunity to be a spoke in the wheel of prosperity.

Leah Evans is Vice President of Neighborhood Strategy for Homeport.