Homeport Employee Profile: Angela Cradle

Angela Cradle

Angela Cradle

Title: Sales Manager

Responsibilities: I manage all phases of Homeport’s single-family home sale process, including attracting buyers, assessing their credit and income eligibility, coordinating with Realtors, lenders and Homeport Housing Advisors, site selection of homes, selecting products and closing the sale. I work closely with each one of Homeport’s buyers throughout their home purchase, serving as their point of contact from the time they express interest in a Homeport home and even after they’re settled in their new home. My role is key to ensuring a positive homebuying experience for our buyers and an efficient and timely home sale for Homeport, our funders and community partners.

What do I like most about the organization?

I love knowing that when I hand the keys over to a new homebuyer, they’re not just getting a home at the right price point, they are truly moving into a home with the highest quality construction and energy efficiency. We have a wonderful product that I can stand behind. Because Homeport’s work is based on the sale of homes before they’re constructed, my job is to sell a vision and gain a buyer’s trust in the end result. I wouldn’t be successful in achieving that difficult task without believing in the homes that I sell. 

My role at Homeport is one of the reasons I look forward to coming to work every day. I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives. A home purchase is a life-changing experience that I have the pleasure of being a part for every one of our buyers. Many of my clients are first-time homebuyers for which the purchase process is a rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows. They are very nervous at the start and for sure very excited at the end. They want a sales person with a pure heart who wants to help them achieve the dream of homeownership. It makes my heart happy when all the stages of the purchase process come together and a buyer gets to enjoy his or her home.  

What have you done in your career you are most proud of, or that people may not be aware of?

I have been with Homeport for 12 years, beginning first as an administrative assistant and event coordinator before switching to home sales in 2007.  Promoted to sales coordinator and now sales manager, I was a part of the creation of the Homeownership department. I’ve put 152 families in homes with a sale value of $19.4 million.  

People may not know this, but long before Homeport I was a clothes model in print ads for several department stores.

Favorite things I do outside of work?

Working out and hanging with family and friends are things I really enjoy.  Waking up early to exercise creates energy for me that lasts throughout the day.

Greatest Accomplishments?

I have an Ohio real estate license, bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Franklin University and a master’s degree in Management from Ohio Dominican University. I thank God, every day, for his blessings and for whom I have become.

What do I like about Central Ohio?

I was born and raised in Columbus. Central Ohio offers a multitude of parks to walk, events to attend, malls to shop and choices of restaurants. It’s just “home.”