Couple Commits Commission Funds to Homeport

Andy and Holly Malone

Andy and Holly Malone

Home sales helping others with housing

The headlines are splashy if not relentless. A million additional residents by 2050. Half a billion dollars of redevelopment in Franklinton over the next decade. Central Ohio’s designation as the second hottest real estate market in the country.

As a Realtor, Andy Malone knows he is benefitting from the growth in Central Ohio and demand for homes. He also knows there is a gap in terms of affordability for many seeking a place to call home, particularly in the rental market.

“A lot of people are being left behind,” said Malone, 36, an agent with Fathom Realty.

It was with that in mind that Malone and his business partner, his wife Holly, a graphic designer and photographer, have designated a percentage of Scout Columbus home sale commissions to Homeport. From Aug. 30, 2017 through July 30, 2018, they have made 11 donations, the largest $158.

The Malones took about six to eight months to research who to partner with locally, in addition to partnering with a charity that builds orphan homes in Asia.

“We like what Homeport is about, that it is not just solving the affordable housing piece but being more holistic through its resident services,” he said.

Scout Columbus “Home for All” program donations to Homeport and Asia’s Hope are gratifying, the Malones say.

“It makes our entire process more meaningful. It grounds us. The missions of both organizations resonate with us. It is exciting to be a small part of it,” Malone said.

The Malones say those buying or selling a home through their company know of the set asides for charity – and appreciate it.

Bruce Luecke at breakfast with Andy Malone.

Bruce Luecke at breakfast with Andy Malone.

“There’s something really special about connecting the experience of purchasing your own home with helping others find a safe home of their own,” Holly Malone said.

Homeport President & CEO Bruce Luecke praised the initiative.

“We are honored Andy and Holly, through Scout Columbus, have chosen to donate to our organization and the people we serve. It’s a thoughtful, creative approach and a model that can be duplicated by other real estate firms,” Luecke said.  “Thank you Andy and Holly!”

Andy Malone said he’d be happy if other real estate agents and teams adopted a similar giving model.

“We’d love to see that happen. It would be very cool if it grew into something much larger,” he said.

To learn more how to be a donor to Homeport, e-mail Homeport Senior Director of Resource Development Laverne Price at, or visit