HUD Secretary Visits Homeport

U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson visited a newly built Homeport lease-option home in Milo-Grogan as well as Homeport’s Elim Manor senior community on Sept. 7. Carson used the opportunity to promote investment in newly established “Opportunity Zones” created in the 2017 tax code overhaul. Milo-Grogan is one 44 Central Ohio Opportunity Zones.

Milo-Grogan area residents, and Homeport staff members, met with Carson at the local community center after he toured a home being leased by Lakeisha Terry. Terry is living in one of 33 homes Homeport built in Milo-Grogan the past year as part of a neighborhood revitalization initiative. Carson then went to the Elim community in Southeast Columbus, meeting with seniors in their community room.

Escorting Carson on the tour was Homeport President & CEO Bruce Luecke.