Five Words To Build Upon


Committee members, left to right, Lawrence Furst, Josh Martin, Angela Cradle, Kat Yamaguchi, Ray George and Will Wahler.


What does Top Five mean to you?

For music lovers, it might be their favorite artists. In sports, it might be an argument over the best NFL quarterbacks. For world travelers, it could be favorite destinations. But could you come up with five ways to improve your work environment? At Homeport, that is exactly what has happened.

In December 2018 at an Executive Team meeting, Homeport committed to creating a high-performance culture. Seven months later, a staff-driven statement evolved that is built upon five key values:






“I enjoyed being a part of the process and I look forward to living these behaviors in my work here at Homeport.”  – Layden Hale, Senior Housing Counselor

“I enjoyed being a part of the process and I look forward to living these behaviors in my work here at Homeport.” – Layden Hale, Senior Housing Counselor

“We are all hopeful that this work will result in the goal of measurable improvement in employee morale and create a high-performance culture,” said Ray George, Homeport’s Director of Marketing & Brand Promotion and chair of the committee that developed the culture statement.

“The hardest part will be incorporating these behaviors in our everyday lives as we hire new team members, review work, and, very importantly, plan and develop housing and services for our residents,” George said.

The development of a Top Five work behaviors list represents a continuation of the strategic development planning that Homeport undertook in the fall of 2016 with Ohio State University Professor Tony Rucci and his Fisher College of Business students.

The task fell to a committee chaired by George that included Asset Management Director Josh Martin, Sales Manager Angela Cradle, Senior Counseling Advisor Layden Hale, Grants & Compliance Manager Kat Yamaguchi, Manager of Service Coordination Lawrence Furst, and Director of Asset Management Will Wahler.

With assistance from Gamal Harding, an Enterprise Lean Consultant at Nationwide Insurance, the committee began its work in Winter 2019. The team first researched and benchmarked external sources to provide some reference for how other organizations tackled their culture statements. Several fun and engaging brainstorming activities followed, giving Homeport staff the opportunity to provide key positive behaviors they wanted as part of the final behavioral statements.

The team, sponsored by Human Resources Director Lisa Roberson and Homeport President & CEO Bruce Luecke, gathered to analyze, discuss, write, and rewrite the behaviors over multiple sessions, debating specific phrases and word order to fine tune their meanings. In July, the final document was created -- and a Homeport Top Five was born.


Expect Trust [TRUST]

We make decisions based on facts and reasoned assumptions, not on biases and personal opinion. We seek clarity. We make sure transparency is at the core of our interactions and decisions. At the end of the day we feel comfortable that our work is guided by honesty and strong moral principles.


Showing up on time, coming fully prepared to contribute and staying engaged is expected. Each of us has a unique and important role at Homeport and take full ownership in carrying out our duties and responsibilities. Do we get it right every time? No, and we respectfully offer and accept constructive feedback to better ourselves and Homeport.

Stop, Collaborate & Listen [COLLABORATION]

Let’s work together and make sure we provide our residents with the best we can offer. We seek help because our colleagues will offer their expertise. We can make better decisions when we include those affected. Think bigger!

Assume Positive Intent [RESPECT]

We all came to Homeport with different backgrounds and life experiences. As colleagues we value relationships and embrace others’ diverse experiences, dreams and quirky habits. A different perspective should be assumed to be with positive intent and extended the most generous interpretation possible. Be kind to one another.

Stretch Yourself [QUALITY]

Our residents choose to live in a Homeport community because we provide security, opportunity and dignity. We constantly challenge the status quo and we don’t take questions personally, but rather, as a means to be the best organization we can be. To exceed expectations in every facet of our work we must embrace change and do what is right, not just what is easy.