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Another successful Red Day!

Homeport was very excited to partner with Keller Williams again this year for their annual RED Day. More than 100 Keller Williams staff volunteered for the day of service in the American Addition neighborhood. Volunteers helped plant flowers and complete landscaping projects, paint buildings, rebuild failing garages or other structures and help clean up and paint the community garden space.

Our homes have features to make life easier

When you look closely at a Homeport home, you will notice a number of features that aim to increase the convenience, safety, and sustainability of your space. So keep your eye out for the new informational graphics that highlight each home’s distinctive features.



You never have to carry your laundry to the basement!



Age in place – enjoying the seclusion and simplicity of no stairs!



Means unlimited furniture arrangements and a large, airy, comfortable space!



More privacy for everyone because bedrooms don’t have shared walls!



You’ll be a member of a strong, proud, and active community where you know your neighbors!



If a fire breaks out in the home, no matter where, everyone will be quickly alerted.



Lower utility bills in the summer. Better air quality in the home!



The basement is easily finishable!



Lower energy costs for you all year round!



A quick commute and an easily walkable community!



Save on your utility bills, and help the environment!



Protects your home and possessions!



Provides security, privacy, and fresh air in the basement!



High-quality, long lasting cabinets, with no VOC for better air quality!



Reduces humidity and increases fresh air!


POWDER ROOM (for condos & select models)

Guests don’t have to walk to the 2nd floor, and your master bath remains private!


INTEGRATED GARAGE (for condos & select models)

Easy entry into your home!


1ST FLOOR FOYER (for condos)

Leave your dirt at ground level!



More light indoors and entertainment space outdoors!



No need to move clothes all around the house!

*While some features are exclusive to certain homes/neighborhoods, our attention to detail ensures that each home has certain characteristics that set it apart from the competition!

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Completion of 6 Single Family Homes in American Addition Celebrated

Mayor Michael B. Coleman today joined Homeport (aka Columbus Housing Partnership) President/ CEO Amy Klaben and Senator Sherrod Brown together with Councilmember Priscilla R. Tyson,  Franklin County Board of Commissioners President Paula Brooks and American Addition residents for a new home tour event celebrating the completion of six single-family homes. The  six homes located on Lee Avenue in the American Addition neighborhood are being constructed with the strategic use of funds from the National Stabilization Program 2 (NSP2) by both the City and the County.

“In these new homes, we’re seeing how Columbus and its residents are using federal funding to attract businesses, families, and young people to the neighborhood,” Brown said. “By rebuilding neighborhoods devastated by the economic crisis, we will improve surrounding property values, create new jobs, and foster long-term economic growth.

The homes constructed by KMM Builders and designed by Sullivan-Bruck Architects and Kaiser Design Group range from 1,488 to 1,641 square feet. Five of these homes are three bedroom/two bath in a range of models and one home has four bedrooms/three bath. All six meet the green AWARE standards and have detached two car garages. Prices range from $117,000 to $119,000 and are available to income-qualified buyers.  All new homebuyers will complete the HUD-certified home buyer education classes in Homeport’s Housing Advisory Center.

“With these new homes, the transformation of American Addition is truly underway,” Mayor Coleman said. “This neighborhood has a great history, and thanks to Homeport and all our partners, it will have a bright future.”

Through the revitalization of this neighborhood, Homeport will build a mixed-income community  comprised of 100 energy-efficient, high quality homes. American Addition is located in North Central Columbus just 3.5 miles from downtown.

“We have been working  to get revitalization efforts underway in American Addition. We can now walk down Lee Avenue and see another example of the impact that  NSP2 funds are having,” Amy Klaben said. “We have received a steady stream of interest in these 6 new homes and already have two offers on the table. People are excited about new energy-efficient housing options so close to downtown.”

“The American Addition is an important piece of the fabric of Columbus’ past,” said Councilmember Priscilla R. Tyson, chair of the Finance Committee.  “Generations of mostly African American families have called this area home and now this partnership between the City, County, federal government and community are revitalizing this important neighborhood.”

“This shared investment by the County Commissioners and the City of Columbus shows true partnership in addressing the housing needs of our community,” added County Commissioner Brooks. “As these homes were built, our strategic investment also put people to work – laborers, contractors, carpenters and builders.”

Homeport anticipates future phases of single family homes will follow the planned infrastructure improvements.

Are you interested in a home in American Addition? Contact us today.

Shaping up to be a memorable year at American Addition

2012 will no doubt be a momentous year at American Addition. We are already looking forward to the first round of homes being completed - just a month after the national airing of the Extreme Makeover of the Rhodes' home. The first three homes should be finished by January 15th. Another three will be completed by the end of February. Please stay tuned for updates on the construction progress, and see below for a slideshow with the most recent pictures.

Reverend Jordan: Stories of American Addition

Reverend Jordan and his daughter Kim talk about family, faith and tradition in American Addition, a neighborhood in northeast Columbus. Homeport AmeriCorps member Sam Hughes filmed this interview with the help of editor Sean Smith in the spring of 2010 – as part of the documentary series Stories of American Addition.

Wesley Douthitt: Stories of American Addition

Comparing life growing up in American Addition to the current day, resident Wesley Douthitt recollects living in the culturally-rich neighborhood. This interview was made possible by the work of Homeport AmeriCorps member Sam Hughes and editor Sean Smith - who shot the documentary series Stories of American Addition in early 2010.

Victor Merullo: Stories of American Addition

Spending many of his early years growing up in American Addition, Victor Merullo remembers what community life was like, and the important role it had in shaping his character. Homeport AmeriCorps member Sam Hughes and editor Sean Smith produced this piece for the documentary series Stories of American Addition in early 2010.

Marie and Jimmy Moreland: Stories of American Addition

Longtime residents and community activists Marie Moreland Short and Jimmie Moreland III, her son, reflect on what life was like growing up in American Addition. Homeport AmeriCorps member Sam Hughes and editor Sean Smith produced this piece for the documentary series Stories of American Addition in the spring of 2010.

The story behind Extreme Makeover and American Addition

About two years ago in an effort to bring attention to a long forgotten neighborhood, American Addition and to help the families living there, Homeport’s Christine Garcia answered a call from EXTREME Makeover: Home Edition. The show’s producers were interested in featuring a neighborhood in the midst of a rebirth. 

Then Homeport AmeriCorps Member Katelyn Victor went door to door talking to the families and helping those interested in completing the lengthy application. Our Marketing Manager, Ray George, created videos for the families to accompany their applications, and the Director of Home Ownership and now Vice President of Homeport Programs, Craig Murphy teamed up with Mayor Coleman to shoot an additional supporting video discussing the neighborhood’s history.

Late summer 2011 the cast of EXTREME Makeover: Home Edition knocked on the door and surprised one of those families with the news that they were chosen to receive a brand new home because of their love and commitment to each other. We cannot think of a better launch to the rebuilding of this proud community.

 In October 2011, Homeport Home Ownership broke ground on the first 6 lots with homes to be completed by February, 2012. We will build over 100 homes throughout a 10 year period with 18 more anticipated in 2012. Eight different models will be available to choose from. All of the houses will be built to green AWARE standards

The City of Columbus is set to invest more than $10 million in installing the first green infrastructure in the City. Click here for an article about this groundbreaking infrastructure.

In the spring of 2010, AmeriCorps member Sam Hughes and videographer Sean Smith documented the American Addition story by interviewing current and past residents. Here are some of their stories.

Extended Trailer:Stories of American Addition
Trailer: Stories of American Addition
Marie and Jimmy Moreland: Stories of American Addition
Mayor Coleman: Stories of American Addition
Victor Merullo: Stories of American Addition
Wesley Douthitt: Stories of American Addition
Reverend Jordan: Stories of American Addition


Mayor Coleman: Stories of American Addition

This extended trailer gives a voice to residents from Columbus’ historic American Addition neighborhood, as they reflect on the past and their hopes for a brighter future. Also hear why City of Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman shares his insight on American Addition. Hear why he is such a proponent of Homeport's work to revitalize the neighborhood. The stories in this documentary series were brought to light by the work of Homeport AmeriCorps member Sam Hughes and editor Sean Smith in the spring of 2010.

Trailer (Extended): Stories of American Addition

This extended trailer gives a voice to residents from Columbus’ historic American Addition neighborhood, as they reflect on the past and their hopes for a brighter future. Also hear why Mayor Michael B. Coleman thinks the revitalization of this community is so important to the city. Stories of American Addition was produced by Homeport AmeriCorps member Sam Hughes and editor Sean Smith in early 2010.

Trailer: Stories of American Addition

In the spring of 2010, Homeport AmeriCorps member Sam Hughes and editor Sean Smith set out to tell the story of American Addition. In this short trailer, you will get a preview of what residents from Columbus' historic American Addition neighborhood have to say, as they reflect on the past and their hopes for a brighter future.