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Honoring Our Past and Sustaining Our Future

In 1987, the Founders of Homeport (then Columbus Housing Partnership) had a vision that central city neighborhoods throughout Columbus would be revitalized.  More low to moderate income households in Central Ohio would live in safe, decent, affordable housing and realize the American dream of home ownership.  Local, state and national policymakers would develop practical housing policy and provide additional funding, while other housing organizations across the nation would look to CHP (Homeport) as a model and replicate our success.

For 25 years Robert Weiler, Sr. , a Homeport founder, has provided vision, leadership, and personal investment to the people and neighborhoods of Central Ohio.  His inspirational words spoken early in Homeport’s (CHP) history continue to serve as the measuring stick for our success, “In the next 20 years, Columbus Housing Partnership, through its diverse collaborations with the public and private sectors, will emerge as the city’s leader, not just in affordable housing, but in the revitalization of urban neighborhoods and the creation of vibrant communities.  As our population continues steady growth, CHP’s ability to deliver will be inextricably linked to Columbus’ health and stability.”  

Your personal investment as a Homeport donor has made it possible for senior citizens to maintain their independence in friendly, safe environments, for families to realize their dream of home ownership, for children to grow-up with a sense of hope, and for urban neighborhoods to rise from decay to become vibrant communities.  On behalf of those whose lives have been transformed by your generosity and those whose lives will be touched in the future – THANK YOU!

Meet Khadija Ahmed

She is like any parent and wants the best for her children.  But life has thrown a lot of challenges her way - - like war.  As a result, Khadija was forced to live in a Somali refugee camp in Kenya.

When she and her family moved to Ohio and joined Homeport’s Emerald Glen community 12 years ago, they finally felt at home.  The many programs and services provided by Homeport have helped them to succeed where they live.  Khadija and her children feel better prepared to face everyday challenges.  They have developed a sense of pride for the community and appreciate the impact of giving back.