Neighborhood marketing plan highlighted at national conference

When the NeighborWorks America Stable Communities Initiative was starting to develop their new Home Marketing and Sales Guide, Homeport was honored to provide insight from our own experiences as an example for others to learn from. Our North of Broad neighborhood, where much has been learned in its eight years of redevelopment, served as the perfect case study.

Abigail Mack and Emily Moser, Homeport Home Ownership’s Director and Project Manager, presented the NoBo Marketing Strategy to a national audience at NeighborWorks' most recent Training Institute in Portland, Oregon. The workshop served as a roll-out for the new guide–providing an overview and offering creative strategies, customizable tools, and practical advice to assist participants in developing and implementing a successful home marketing and sales program.

For more information on the Home Marketing and Sales Guide and to see how it can be put to use in your community, please visit the Stable Communities Initiative website.