An Evening of Jazz and Wine

Join us for an evening of wine and hors d'oeuvres at Homeport Gallery. Camelot Cellars will be joining us to provide a tasting of some of their premier wines while you enjoy music from jazz guitarist, Paul Cohn. There is currently a photography exhibit in the gallery by Kojo Kamau and Kevin D. Willis that highlights the beauties of Columbus. 

Stop by on your way to the Heritage Concert Series at Mayme Moore Park or the Downtown Live concert series at Columbus Commons!

Find out more about Paul Cohn and his music here.

Learn more about Camelot Cellars, too!

Were you AWARE that all of our new Homeport homes are built to sustainable, accessible standards?

Franklin County and the City of Columbus are adopting the AWARE Green/Universal Design Manual as the performance standard for the construction and renovation of federally-funded residential projects. AWARE stands for:

Water Conservation
Air Quality
Resource Conscious
Energy Efficient 

The AWARE Manual was designed to achieve Enterprise Green Communities Standards.

The AWARE Manual will provide new and existing housing stock to residents of Franklin County and Columbus that is healthier, more accessible, resource conscious, and environmentally friendly. The City and County are committed to promoting AWARE green and universal design standards of construction throughout Franklin County and Columbus. 

Healthier Homes

    • Testing and mitigating radon gas, if necessary, (a main cause of lung cancer)
    • Active/forced or passive air systems to bring fresh air into the home
    • Ventilation to remove moisture, which causes mold and mildew
    • Integrated pest control using non-chemical methods
    • Low/No VOC products:
      • Paints
      • Adhesives
      • Carpet
      • Floor tiles and sheet goods
      • Bathroom and kitchen cabinets 
More Accessible Homes
  • No-step entry (making it wheelchair accessible)
  • Wider doorways and halls (making them wheelchair accessible)
  • Wider stairways (for future installation of a stair lift)
  • 1st floor bath and bedroom (making home accessible to all)
  • Providing floor space and fixtures to accommodate wheelchair access in bathrooms and kitchens
  • 1st floor laundry (accessible to all)
  • Lever handle faucets (easy operation for all)
  • Lever handle door locks/latches (easy operation for all)
  • Wood blocking in the walls (for future installation of grab bars)
  • Positioning the height of wall outlets, switches, thermostats, door locksets and cabinet handles (accessible to all) 

Resource and Energy Conscious Homes 

  • 90% + gas forced air furnaces
  • Water-saving plumbing fixtures
    • commodes
    • faucets
    • shower heads
  • Better house insulation
  • Using Energy Star-Rated:
    • Windows and doors
    • Appliances
    • Light fixtures
    • Fans
    • Hot water heaters
Environmentally-Friendly Homes
      • Recycling construction waste
      • Using recycled materials/products
      • Using a detailed framing plan to reduce material waste wood without compromising structural integrity
      • Creating a framing order waste factor limit holding the waste material to 10% or less
      • Using pre-cut or pre-assembled building systems or methods
      • Use materials from renewable resources or agricultural byproducts
Look for the AWARE  logo on the home listing page.

AWARE resources at Franklin County Board of Commissioners Economic and Development

Why do real estate agents work with Homeport Home Ownership?

When you bring a client to Homeport Home Ownership, our staff partners with you to guide your client through the process and programs specifically available to them through Homeport. Advantages of a Homeport home include:

  • High quality, energy efficient homes at affordable prices.
  • Potential to make color selections on new construction homes.
  • Flexible down payment assistance programs.
  • Grant money and forgivable second mortgages for principal reduction.
  • Tax abatement on specific projects resulting in lower monthly payments.
  • Exceptional financing products for traditional and challenged credit buyers
  • Educational programs at the Homeport Housing Advisory Center to create sustainable home ownership.

Call us today at 614-545-4827 to see if your client qualifies for below market 30 year fixed financing!