North of Broad

 N. 21st Street in North of Broad

N. 21st Street in North of Broad


For 10 years, concentrated investment in North of Broad has transformed entire streets, breathing new life into a community rich with history.

The image of a penguin was used to help brand North of Broad (or “NoBo”), and today is a part of the neighborhood’s identity and a symbol of better things to come.

In 2005, Homeport began a comprehensive effort to support revitalization of the historic King-Lincoln District (KLD) just east of downtown Columbus. Concentrated in an area within the KLD dubbed “North of Broad,” Homeport’s investment includes new and renovated single-family homes for buyers of varying income levels.

Homeport set a new neighborhood standard for energy efficiency, and built Ohio’s first affordable LEED Platinum single-family home in North of Broad. In addition to making a substantial mark on the residential side of North of Broad, Homeport staff and volunteers invested thousands of hours in community art projects, commercial and residential paintings and plantings, a community garden, and other enhancements.

While considerable work remains to be done, quality of life for residents of the King-Lincoln District has changed substantially over the last decade – a change that would not have happened without the vision and collaborative efforts of both private and public leadership.

“Homeport doesn’t just build a home and walk away. They build a community of people. I’ve witnessed it happen, I’ve seen the transformation in neighborhoods, and it’s incredibly inspiring.”